We are looking to turn the butt into an item of value!

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If we incentivize users to return their cigarette butts opposed to littering or throwing them in the trash, we will increase the chance of the butt to be properly extinguished, stored and returned for recycling! Over 1.6 billion pounds of cigarette waste ends up in land fills where it cannot properly decompose causing negative effects to our environment and potentially poisoning animals and contaminating our ocean, lakes and waterways.


On Saturday, we attended an event for cigarette waste to be collected and properly recycled. One person happily donated two trash bags full of butts which thankfully will now be kept out of the landfill! We would like the Government of BC to encourage more users to follow suit through a refund system like a bottle depot; for every pound of butts returned users would receive a deposit back, as they would for cans and bottles. Help us incentivize British Columbians and help our cities reduce spending on cigarette clean-up. Check out our petition and please share this post!


More information on the impact of cigarette butts: